New job and an offering

Last March (2020) I started a new job.

Since being made redundant in 2015 I have tried a few different things – starting a hypnotherapy business, freelancing, and doing traffic control. What this has led me to realise is that the place where I really belong (in an occupation sense) is in software development.

Fortunately there is plenty of scope in this field to offer new challenges and new things to learn, and I found an employer who was more interested in my general abilities than in specific language or tool set experience. So now I’m developing (and learning) ruby on rails applications.

Prior to landing this job I only had an introductory exposure to ruby & rails. Enough so to discover I really enjoy working in the ruby language, and while the rails learning curve can be steep, it has some nice features as well.

This brings me to the offering part of this post. In order to augment my workplace learning of rails I have built a rails application as a personal project – a questionnaire builder. This allows you to create a (many) questionnaires with a rich text description (including images), and a set of questions which can be of different types including:

A response URL can then be provided which displays the actual “live” questionnaire, and each response is emailed to the questionnaire owner as well as stored with the questionnaire for later perusal. Here are some screenshots…

If you want to check it out head to , create an account and have a play.


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